Year 5 Home Learning - 27th April

Date: 26th Apr 2020 @ 5:24pm

Year 5 – Home Learning

Monday 27th April

Hello everybody, Miss Wilson here! I hope you are doing well and keeping safe. It's my turn to upload the blogs again this week and there'll be plenty to keep you occupied. What has been your favourite thing you have done this week? I have had some gorgeous updates not only of what work you are completing but also the lovely activities you are doing in your free time. The weather has been glorious so hopefully you have managed to use that as part of your learning or free time! I have added a couple of active challenges to your work list today that you might like to take part in as a bonus so make sure you take a peek and see how well you can do!

I am missing you all very much and hopefully we will see you all soon,

Miss Wilson x


Lesson and Learning Objective





LO Adding decimals crossing the whole








LO to add with the same amount of decimal places.

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Click on Summer Term Week 1, Lesson 4


The task today is all about you using your skills to find complements to 1 to support their thinking when crossing the whole. Children require flexibility at partitioning decimals, as bridging will be extremely important. Encourage children to make one first, then add the remaining decimal.


Click on Summer Term Week 2, Lesson 1

Today you will be adding numbers greater than one, numbers will have the same number of decimal places.  Just like before place value grids and counters are helpful for you to understand the value of each digit and understanding when to exchange. When you’re first doing this use a place value chart alongside your written calculations so you can spot the relationship between the two. 


There’s a SAFE sheet to complete at some point over the next few days. Give yourself as long as you need but in school we generally have no longer than 10 minutes. Try and beat your last score – can you keep a record at home to ‘Beat That’?




LO: To comment on features and narrative style of a legend


LO: To answer questions using evidence from the text




Reread the Robin Hood story from last week (attached if needed). Use it to answer the comprehension questions attached. Can you identify what the focus of each question is (fact finding, deduction or examining language choice)?


Challenge (for those children who want an additional challenge when completing the task) – After answering all of the questions with appropriate detail, can you create one of your own questions for each focus? Can you answer your own, get someone at home to answer one or send one to your teacher to have a go at?


Support (for those children who may require more support to complete the task) – Use the attached scaffold, with sentence starters, to answer the questions and use multiple choice.




See the attached sheets and answer the questions about ‘Wonder’ pages 53-60.



Continue to practise the list from Friday.

Wider Curriculum


LO: To understand the role of police in Society


PE - Participate in fitness challenges



See the attached PSHE task.



Active tasks:

Have you seen Mr White's Sporting Challenge blogs? There is a new one a week tackling a different sport/element of fitness - useful for all sports! Take a look and see what you can achieve. Be sure to let us know how you get on!  - On Sunday the 2.6 challenge started as you may have seen on the news. The 26th April should've been the London Marathon 2020 but this has been postponed due to the Coronavirus. As this normally raises a great deal of money for charity, a new fundraising effort has taken its place!

All it involves is thinking of an activity that suits your skills based around the number 2.6 or 26. So it could be running 2.6km, doing 26 bounces on a tennis racket, 260 star jumps or anything else you can think of - get creative! Once you have completed the challenge, the idea is that you donate a small amount of money to charity so you could use some pocket money or ask for sponsors! I have put the website here with ideas and donation guidance. If you can't donate for whatever reason, don't worry you can still take part and enjoy being active! I am going to complete 260 netball shots at school this week and also complete a circuit completing 26 of each station! 

If you do take part then we would love to know what you have done and which charity you may have chosen to support :)






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