At Dobcroft Junior School, we encourage children to have a love for reading and make sure that they thoroughly enjoy reading.

Each class will have a Guided Reading session at least four times a week. During this session, the children will complete a variety of different activities on a carousel basis throughout the week.

These activities can include:

-Guided reading with the teacher

- Follow up comprehension task

- Spelling Box

-Reciting Poetry

-Free Writing

-Free Reading

….and many more


When the children are reading with their teacher, they will practise reciprocal reading skills that include: predicting, questioning, clarifying and summarising. All these skills help contribute to being a fluid, good reader.


By using reading records, we encourage each child to read at home. We make sure we celebrate reading by having a reading champion each half term and by organising events such as the Usborne Book Fair, Sponsored Read and World Book Day.