Y5 - Home Learning - Wednesday 25th March

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 8:19am

Hello our lovely Y5s, it's Miss Wilson here! We are missing those of you who aren't in school at the moment very much but hope you are keeping well and busy (and making the most of this lovely weather!). Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, myself, Miss Field and Mrs Winters will be updating your work tasks that you might like to complete - there is a wide variety but of course there's lots of other forms of learning to be done! Try and do some work everyday to keep building on the amazing progress you've already made this year, as well as keeping active and helpful at home. 

We can't wait to see you all soon.

Lesson and Learning Objective





To recognise thousandths as decimals



Rounding decimals (providing it’s been added!)





Go on to White Rose Hubs – Year 5 Home Learning (it will come up if you google it!). Scroll down to the needed lesson, this is the point we were up to last week. Watch the video and complete the sheet that accompanies it (we have attached it, and the answers, to this post in case there is a back log).  You could always watch the videos from the Lesson 1 – 4, just to recap on this new topic.


White Rose have also been publishing a ‘Problem of the Day’.  We were planning to use them for something else but now is your chance to show someone at home how bar modelling can sometimes help to solve a problem, just try one a day.  The orange coloured problems are aimed at younger children and the blue problems are aimed at older children (UKS2/KS3). 


Don’t forget you can log in to your My Maths account for extra maths learning (this login was given out at school –contact the school office if you need a reminder!). You can also use TimesTables Rockstars – though it’s slow in the morning because we think lots of people have the same idea!




LO: To write a persuasive paragraph

Since we didn’t get the chance to write our final persuasive piece, now is your chance to try out your persuasive skills in a paragraph. Choose one of the statements below and decide whether you are ‘for’ or ‘against’ it and write a short paragraph backing up your point. Post this on our class blog (using your parents’ login) so that we can see your passionate argument.


  • Children should wear uniform to school
  • All school dinners should be free
  • Every child should attend a sports club every week


Remember our features: emotive language, groups of 3, rhetorical questions, exaggeration, criticising the other person’s argument, alliteration, and repetition. How many can you include?




LO: To make inferences about a character’s actions/feelings



LO: To find information by skimming and scanning


Keep reading for pleasure, however if you have access to Wonder, you can try this activity.



Read Wonder – pages 31- 34

Answer the questions, giving one effect of the character’s actions:

What was one effect of…


  1. August running up to his room …
  2. Mum saying that Julian was nice…


  1. Mum being shocked about what August had just told her about Julian’s question. 



Wonder – pages


Wider Curriculum


LO: To create a collage

Art – in the style of Megan Coyle, complete the collage you started at the end of last week in school of a Sheffield landmark. You should have your picture and piece of artwork and some of you took materials home. Use magazines, newspapers and other forms of paper (if you have access to them!) to create your piece. Put it up when it is complete, though if you would like to send a picture to us via the blog or email, we would love to see it!


If you need a reminder of Megan Coyle’s work, then there is a lot on google.

Zain A wrote:

Leen and I completed our project.

Ruth Summer wrote:

This is Heidi here is my persuasive text,
Your child should attend a sports club every week because it keeps the body healthy and fit and it makes you feel good.It's amazing because you get to make new friends and play with your BFF's. If your child doesn't do this then they will not be active and won't have any new friends to play with.You also get to learn spectacular sports that you've never experienced in your life. Finally, I recommend that your child does this wonderful thing and why would you not let them do this?

Fiona Kesteven wrote:

Barney K-McGrath (Q. Should school dinners be free?) I think that school dinners should be free, the reasons for this are families have to pay for everything and it can get expensive. Another reason for this is that some families might not be able to afford to pay for dinners. School dinners are healthy but some packed lunches might not be. If they are free, children could get at least one hot dinner every day.

Miss Wilson wrote:

Hi Zain - was great to see yours and Leen's amazing collage when you emailed it earlier! I loved the use of colour and how vivid it turned out!

Heidi, I completely agree with your paragraph and think you were very clear with your points. I love that you have tried to use so many of the language features including your fantastic rhetorical question and personal pronouns :)

You have made some very convincing points Barney and I love that you have varied your sentence openers so well as well as considering all families in your reasoning - fab!

Keep up the great work and hope you are all well! Miss W :)