Y3 Visit from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

Date: 15th Jan 2019 @ 11:08pm

This afternoon Y3 had a very special visit from two members of the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Team.

With the help of the characters Bleeper and Battery, our visitors reminded the children of the importance of fire safety, of using 999 correctly and of having escape plans for home and school. We also discussed the roles of the Fire Service, from helping at road traffic collisions to assisting in vital dental treatment for South Yorkshire Wildlife Park's resident polar bear, Victor! 

Practise saying your address, including postcode with your child and ask him/her to explain STOP - DROP - ROLL along with the hand movements!

Well done Y3, you listened and participated well and asked and answered grown-up questions very sensibly. 

You did us proud!

The Y3 Team  smiley