Condover Day 3 - Monkey Warriors Climbing

Date: 23rd Oct 2019 @ 9:14pm

We had a bit of a lie in compared to yesterday and went for a great breakfast - the pain au chocolats went down a treat with everyone!

We then teamed up with 'Sheffield United' to go and play Conquest - a really cool laser quest game in inflatable tunnels - everyone got involved. Amazing fun! According to Tom it was like a 'professional game of fortnite'! We all took on our laser fasers and code names and went into the tunnels. 'Commander Isaaq' took the first victory in the solo competition and then it was time to take on each other in the team games! Red vs Green in the same teams as buggy building! Reds came out victorious and we had an amazing time!

Then we headed for a day of outdoors and harnesses! We first tackled the gladiator wall and every person made it to the top! Then we abseiled down a wall before climbing up the other side. We had a great time and have shown real resilience and determination today!

We finished with a campfire out in the woods before heading to bed!