Condover - Monkey Warriors are outdoor heroes

Date: 24th Oct 2019 @ 4:59pm

Rocket launch πŸš€

We split back into our teams to launch our rockets and came up with our own backstories which were as follows: Octopuses were travelling to space to find new toppings for their pizzas and the Squid were... trying to pollute space with pumps... I'll spare you all the planet and rocket designs! We completed different challenges (and lost a few rockets in the process!) and made our rockets fly far and high! One of the favourite attempted was when Barney and Hannah ended up soaking from a launch gone wrong and the 'fuel' flying back in the wrong direction all over themselves! One group even managed to design and release a rocket that landed in a target. 


Fencing 🀺

Then we headed to fencing, very giddy and giggly from our sugary waffle breakfast. We learned the skills and then took each other on. Hugo's defensive skills really came on, what a confident fencer, he was good with a cheeky counter-attack too. En garde! 


Finally it was our chance to go to the shop which made us really excited to get some goodies.


Survival skills πŸŒ³πŸƒ

After lunch, we went to learn some survival skills with another instructor, Joss. We covered our faces in charcoal to disguise ourselves and then set to making shelter after Miss Wilson's paper aeroplane crashed on the journey to Madagascar... We used teamwork and logs to create a wonderful shelter against a tree. A storm came when we were sat in our new shelter and unfortunately it didn't protect us too much! We then had to scare away our enemies with FIRE! πŸ”₯. MONKEYS MAKE FIRE. Everyone showed real resilience and patience with making the sparks and attempting to light the cotton wool. Both Will and Sonny were naturals, making sparks and fire multiple times on their first attempts! Amazing! Before we went to sensory trail, we had a quick game of Scarecrow, Cyrus was camouflaged brilliantly with his charcoal face and hood pulled tightly around his head!


Sensory Trail πŸ‘ƒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ‘…πŸ–πŸ½πŸ‘‚πŸΌ

Our last activity of the day was the sensory trail and we teamed up with John Paul and the Flying Pigs again. We followed a rope in a line through a series of challenges, getting rather muddy and wet while we had vision impairing goggles on! It was tricky but really fun. I don't think Amisha stopped giggling or squealing the whole way around and clung for dear life onto Isabelle for most of the walk around, barely any distance between them! Kate (head to toe in waterproofs, extremely prepared as always!) made very interesting shadow shapes with her goggles on her head before we started. We had a real giggle (especially when Gina slid down onto her bum or when Sonny continually screamed!) and then had to start packing all of our things up ☹️.