"Children should be seen and not heard" - Y5RW Victorian Classroom Visit

Date: 13th Nov 2019 @ 4:15pm

"A woman's place is in the home" and "No labour, no bread" were the first phrases we came across as we arrived at the Victorian classroom for our immersive visit today. We had a fascinating and fully involved day with every child in class taking on a role of an actual child who lived in the Victorian times. We became them, learned their backstory and some of us took on larger roles including the dunce, the gossip, the fidget and the naughty one who got the cane!

We took part in an authentic Victorian lesson and found that boys and girls were treated very differently. Hannah, Hugo and Muhammad did a very good job of being monitors for Miss Sharp and took their roles (and superiority!) very seriously!

In the afternoon, we took turns to try 3 activities related to Victorian times. One about toys, one in the washroom with a mangle and one in the classroom, practising our handwriting with an ink pot and quill. Unfortunately, people weren't allowed to write with their left hand in those times so 5 of the class had to write with their weaker hand (much to their frustration!). 

We had an amazing day and I'm sure we will be able to use our experience to create some amazing writing later this half term! Thanks again to Mrs Martin who gave her time up to support our visit - we really appreciate it!