About the Governing Body Meetings

The governing body meets in full three times a term. All meetings are attended by all governors wherever possible. Each meeting has a specific focus depending on the time of year, typical areas of focus include review of pupil progress and attainment, finance and budgetary approvals, the Head Teacher’s report and progress with the school improvement and development plan, and governing body and school self assessments. 

All meetings are minuted and approved minutes of the meetings are available from school on request.


Attendance Record

Details of the attendance record of the governors at meetings can be found at the following link:

Governor attendance record


Minutes of Meetings for 2018/2019

Minutes of the governing body meetings for 2018-19 are available from school on request following their approval at the following meeting.

Meetings are scheduled for:

Autumn term - 27th September, 18th October and 6th December

Spring term - 24th January, 28th February and 28th March

Summer term - 25th April, 6th June and 4th July.


Minutes of Meetings for 2017/2018

Minutes of the 2017/18 meetings are available from school on request.