Writing, Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar

We know that writing is something to be proud of at Dobcroft Junior School and it is a skill we encourage in all areas of the curriculum.

At Dobcroft, we celebrate writing in many ways: a ‘whole school write’ is conducted every term, which focuses on a similar topic across the whole school; teachers ensure that writing is displayed around school so that all children feel a sense of achievement; and there is always a poem/fiction/non-fiction piece that is shared in the weekly work assemblies. We are proud of our writing!

Teaching writing is similar across school. Every year group teaches the ‘spelling, punctuation and grammar’ objectives in the Autumn term. This mastery style of teaching is very effective as it helps the children to embed the learning early on, so that they can master them throughout the year. SPaG is also taught in lots of fun ways: through a SPaG boot camp style, which encompasses the PE curriculum as well as the English curriculum; treasure hunts are planned around school to spark a sense of excitement and fun; and there are many challenging and fun games that we play within lessons. All of these methods of teaching, alongside many other factors, have helped to improve progress across school resulting in our impressive writing achievements.

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