Lunchtime Clubs

Every day from 1230 – 1pm there are sporting activities for anyone who wants to join in. Very occasionally, it might be limited to those preparing for a competition, but overall anyone who wants to join in is very welcome. Particularly at the beginning or end of term, there might also be Inter House competitions in this time. Sports may vary year on year.

During a typical week there will be at least one activity for each age group. Fridays are reserved for Y5/6 Netball and Y3-6 Orienteering throughout the year.

Autumn term 1: Y3 Basketball, Y4 Football, Y5/6 Girls Football and Y5 Basketball

Autumn Term 2: Y3/4 Hot Shots Basketball, Y5/6 Girls Football, Y5 boys Football, Y6 boys Football

Spring Term 1:Y3/4 Basketball, Y3/4 Hockey, Y5 Football, Y5 Netball

Spring Term 2: Y4 Network Games, Y3-6 Basketball, Y5 Football, Y3/4 Hockey

Summer Term 1: Y3/4 Hockey, Y5/6 Cricket, Y3/4 Football, Y5/6 Athletics

Summer Term 2: Y3/4 Cricket, Y5/6 Cricket. Y3/4 Rounders, Y5/6 Rounders.

Friday afternoons are often used to prepare teams for upcoming competitions.

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